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    Company profile

    News: at 4 October the 4th 2010 our new website has been launched. The old site can be temporarily viewed at http:/ Hartwig Instruments has supplied measuring and sampling equipment to the chemical and petrochemical industry since 1950. Many years experience and research have gone into creating a range of high quality, durable measuring tapes and samplers at competitive prices. Our products are designed by ourselves and then manufactured in our factory in Rotterdam-Hoogvliet. This gives us the freedom to adapt the design to any required model. We export our products world wide to inspection companies, tank storage companies, oil and chemical processing industries and ship’s provisioning in countries in Europa, USA, South-America, The Middle East, Russia and the Baltic states, China and Africa. Our clients include Shell, Exxon, Mobil, Vopak, Esso, DNV, BP, Amoco, Gulf, SGS, Intertek Caleb Brett, Saybolt, BSI Inspectorate, and many more.  Producst

    Measuring tapes Class I For the measurement of liquid levels

    Specifications Width : 13×0.2 mm, carbon steel, stainless steel Length : 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, 100 m Reference temperature : 20 ºC From the council directive of 19 November 1973, (73/362/EEC), Calibration and tolerance: Accuracy according EC pattern approval, Class I (watch the marking!) Maximum permissible errors: Formula: (a+b.l) in which ‘L’ is the length in question “a” and “b” are coefficients fixed for each class of accuracy. Class I (a=0.1 mm, b=0.1 mm, L= length in m) example 10m tape: 1.1 mm Units of graduationGraduated in metres, centimetres and millimetres

    Carbon steel tapes mm graduation, each m, dm and cm figured, deep etched markings, in natural steel colour, on dark etched background. For all-round use.

    Stainless steel tapes mm graduation, each m, dm and cm figured, deep etched markings, in natural steel colour, on dark etched background. With stainless steel plumb-bob chemical resistant. For corrosive liquids. 

    Polyamide coated steel tapes mm graduation, each m, dm and cm figured, steel tapes with phosphate layer and polyamide coating, yellow background, black graduations, black-red figures. Transparent chemical resistant polyamide coating. For all-round use, easy to read in the dark.         All tapes are produced with the tension according to the weight of the plumb-bob, for example: dip-weight 400 gram = tension 4 N. Windingframes strong brass frame with wooden handle (chemical safe), long foldable winding arm which locks into position. Specially designed for tank dippingtapes. Tape rolls out at the front. Tapes more then 40 metre cross-frame advised

    Dip weights Dip-weight in the form of a rod, terminating in a truncated cone at the lower end. This cone provides the necessary of ‘touch’ in dipping and it penetrates sludge more easily. A stainless steel tip on the brass dip-weight prevents wear down. The dip-weight is connected to the tape in a fixed way (by means of a screw). The graduation in mm. continues on one flat side of the dip-weight, ensuring there will be no ‘blind spot’ where the tape is connected to the weight. Stainless steel dip-weights are intended to use with stainless steel tapes. Brass dip weights are to be used with carbon steel and polyamide coated tapes. Dip weights available in 400 gram for watery like liquids, 700 gram most common one for oils and fats and a 1000 gram dip weight.


    Bottomsampler | Bottlesampler | Zonesampler | Samplecan | aardkabel   Hartwig Instruments supplies a wide range of samplers, bottom samplers, zone samplers and running samplers. These samplers are manufactured in brass, aluminium and stainless steel. To guarantee the durability and the resistance to corrosion, the samplers are manufactured by processing two types of low-carbon stainless steel; material number 1.4404 and 1.4571 or 316L and 316Ti Many samplers are available from stock.


    Click on an Image for More Information Description

    For several years the TP-7 has been our most popular model throughout the world. Because of its durability and convenient cable reel design the TP-7 is highly valued by those users that must rely on their equipment. The TP-7 enclosure is made of high impact plastic which dissipates static electricity and has proven to be unaffected by any petrochemical. TP-7

    The TP-5C has all of the best qualities of the old TP-5 and incorporates the latest and most reliable technology into its electronics and probe assembly. Many customers have used the TP-5 over the years and have wanted to have a more robust and powerful version. You will truly appreciate the improvements found in the TP-5C. TP-5C

    The TP-8 has been designed to be simple yet very versatile. With cable storage, probe housing holders and handles molded into the case the instrument is very compact. Circuit and sensor components are shared with the TP-7. Depending on the service which the user needs, the case will accommodate both our standard probe assembly or Asphalt probe assembly with 3/4 lb./ 0.34 kg housing and heavy duty cable. TP-8

    The TP-2 of the early 1980s became a long time favorite of many petroleum inspectors. It was the first portable electronic thermometer, PET, to challenge the long reign of the cup case thermometer. Although the TP-2 was severely dated by 1990, many inspectors wanted nothing else despite newer models by ThermoProbe and various competitors. Because the US market demanded the return of the venerable black box, ThermoProbe has put its newest circuit and software design into the old familiar form.  TP-2C

    The TL-1A emulates glass thermometer simplicity and reliability with the ease of a digital display. Accuracy of +0.2 °F and a wide temperature range. Replaces a set of 9 lab grade mercury thermometers. One year warranty. TL-1A

    The TW-1 incorporates glass thermometer simplicity and reliability with the ease of a digital display. Like precision mercury thermometers, the TW-1 has accuracy, repeatability and long term stability. TW-1


    ThermoProbe | MMC |Hanna | Batteries |     Various electronic equipment Hartwig Instruments supplies various electronic equipment to laboratories and industries to determine temperature, specific gravity, pH, humidity etc. Hartwig Instruments also has a range of thermostatic baths and scales. We represent Marine Moisture Control (MMC), Hanna Instruments, Julabo,ThermoProbe. We can also take care of the calibration of all your instruments.     

    Hartwig Instruments is the address for:

    - Glass thermometers with mercury or an environmentally friendly indicator,ASTM thermometers, calibrated, un-calibrated or with test certificate.

    - Measuring rods for draft-survey, sounding rods for ships and small liquid tanks.

    - Seals for sealing samples, sealing tongs, aluminium seals, plastic seals, hand fastening seals, container seals,  lead seals, metal or hemp rope seal thread etc.

    - Glass densitymeters for mineral oils or for example especially for sea water.

    - Explosion secure Bright Star, Peli (Super Sabre Lite) and Maglite torches.

    - Cases strong peli

    - Water finding paste or oil measuring paste from Kolor Kut, Vecom and Sar-Gel,water finding paper in cylinders for edible oils.

    - Thermostatic baths, scales.

    - Plastic or glass measuring cilinders.

    - Grain sampler, coffee samplers, shovels, funnels, ore sample splitters, crushers, etc.

    - Rope and chain

    - We represent Marine Moisture Control (MMC)Hanna Instruments, Julabo, ThermoProbe.

    We can also take care of the calibration of all your instruments

    Gas detection


    enkelgas | Multigas | PID |       Veiligheid en gevaarlijke stoffen   Gevaarlijke stoffen kunnen de gezondheid van uw werknemers aantasten. Voorkom daarom dat zij te lang aan deze stoffen worden blootgesteld. Om de veiligheid van mens en milieu te waarborgen heeft home2.htmleen aantal gasdetectie middelen op de markt gebracht voor een juiste bescherming.    NEW!!! GasAlert-MicroClip_Datasheet_Dutch.pdf MultigasClip, 4 gas

    Enkelvoudige gasmeters

    GasAlertClipExtreme             H2S, SO2 , CO or O2 Geldig voor 24 maanden. Zeer compact behuizing Keuze uit 4 gassen.

    GasAlertExtreme      H2S, CO, O2 , SO2 , PH3 , CI2 , NH3 , NO2 , HCN, ETO, ClO2 , O3 , NO Voor het meten van diversen toxische gassen en zuurstof.

    Meervoudige gasmeters

          H2S,CO, O2, and combustibles (0-100% LEL or 0-5.0% Methane)

     H2S, CO, SO2, O2, H2S, CO, O2 en % LELRobuuste schokbestendige behuizing. Zeer geschikt voor zwaar industriële omstandigheden.

          H2S, CO, O2 , SO2 , PH3 , NH3 , NO2 , HCN, Cl2 , ClO2 , O3 , VOC, Combustibles Compact en lichtgewicht, robuust uitgevoerd. LCD display geeft gelijktijdig de gasconcentratie weer voor 5 soorten gas. Te leveren met een gemotoriseerde pomp optie voor monster name op afstand. Datalogging –versies met 32 MB MMC card. Uitvoering mogelijk met kalibratie kit in koffer.

          VOCs (PID), H2S, CO, O2 , SO2 , PH3 , NH3 , NO2 , HCN, Cl2 , ClO2 , O3 , and Combustibles De kleinste PID meter ter wereld.GasAlertMicro5PID BW, configuration program GasAlertMicro5PID BW, KIT options

    GasAlertMaxXT          H2S, CO, O2 en % LEL en brandbare gassen Interne pomp voor bemonstering op afstand.

     Micro Dock II, configuration program download excecutable Accessoires spares and options (eng)

    A02N/11A , A02N/13K , A02N/14K , A02N/16A , A02N/20A , A02N/30A , D02NKYK , Dip weights , Electronics_ Contact gauge , Electronics_ Gasoline gauging paste_ Article number WZPKK , Electronics_ Measuring rod_ Article MSHIJK , Electronics_ Measuring rod_ TELEFIX GAUGE_ Article MSAT1 , Electronics_ Thermoprobe , Electronics_ Ullage Tape_ CARBON STEEL ULLAGE TAPES , Electronics_ Ullage Tape_ CARBON STEEL WITH SS DIP WEIGHT ULLAGE , Electronics_ Ullage Tape_ COATED STEEL ULLAGE , Electronics_ Ullage Tape_ STAINLESS STEEL ULLAGE , Electronics_ Water finding paper , Electronics_ Water finding paste , Electronics_Tank strapping tapes_ Article number ST100MKR/L50K , import model , KEYWORD SEARCH FOR PRODUCTS OF HARTWIG Carbon steel tapes , MANILLA , MMC_ CARBON STEEL DIPPING TAPES , MMC_ CARBON STEEL WITH SS DIP WEIGHT , MMC_ POLYAMID COATED STEEL , MMC_ STAINLESS STEEL , MSAT10 , MSAT2 , MSAT3 , MSAT4 , MSAT5 , MSAT6 , MSAT7 , MSAT8 , MSHGW3J , MSHIJK4 , MSHIJK5 , OZPKK , OZPVC , Polyamide coated steel tapes , POLYPROPYLEEN , Samplers_ Bottomsampler_B111/B112/B114/B311/B312/B311B , Samplers_ Grounding wire for samplers_Artikel No- SG5M5/ GS10M 10/ GS15M 15/ GS20M 20/ GS25M 25/ GS30M 30 , Samplers_ Sample Can or Sample Thief_ Type A122/A124/A322/A324 , Samplers_ Zone sampler_ Z341/Z342/Z343/Z344/Z141/Z142/Z144 , Samplers_Bottle sampler_Type F311/F312/f314/F311K/F312K/F314K , SISAL , ST150MKR/L50K , ST200MKR/L50K , ST300MKR/L50K , Stainless steel tapes , Thermoprobe_ TL-1A , Thermoprobe_ TP-2C , Thermoprobe_ TP-5C , Thermoprobe_ TP-7 , Thermoprobe_ TP-8 , Thermoprobe_ TW-1 , Various_ Cases_ 1020 micro , Various_ Cases_ 1030 micro , Various_ Cases_ 1040 micro , Various_ Cases_ 1050 micro , Various_ Cases_ 1060 micro , Various_ Cases_ Cases large 1550 , Various_ Cases_ Cases large 1600 , Various_ Cases_ Cases large 1610 Trolly , Various_ Cases_ Cases large 1620 Trolly 3 scharnierende hand barrels , Various_ Cases_ Cases large 1650 , Various_ Cases_ Cases large 370 CUBE CASE , Various_ Cases_ Cases large_ 350 CUBE CASE , Various_ Cases_ Cases medium 1500 , Various_ Cases_ Cases medium 1510 with trollysysteem , Various_ Cases_ Cases medium 1520 , Various_ Cases_ Cases medium_ 1450 , Various_ Cases_ Cases small_ 1120 , Various_ Cases_ Cases small_ 1150 , Various_ Cases_ Cases small_ 1200 , Various_ Cases_ Cases small_ 1300 , Various_ Cases_ Cases small_ 1400 , Various_ Cases_ Cases small_ 1520TC , Various_ Cases_ Micro cases_ 1010 micro , Various_ Glass Thermometers_ Article numbers A02N/15A , Various_ Rope_ KATOEN 100% , WZPP , WZPVC

    ANS Vietnam (Anh Nghi Son Service Trading Co., Ltd.)
    Add: 135 Đường số 2, Khu Đô Thị Vạn Phúc, P. Hiệp Bình Phước, Q. Thủ Đức, TP. HCM, Việt Nam
    Tel: 028 3517 0401 - 028 3517 0402 - Fax: 028 3517 0403 - HotLine: 0911 47 22 55