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    FANOX is a reputable manufacturer of industrial electronic products specialized in modern protection and control systems, boasting ample experience.

    From the early beginnings of the company its main target has been to create and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction, offering an excellent quality product and service at extremely competitive prices. To this end a great percentage of the resources at FANOX are spent on an R+D department, giving them a leading position in the production of relays with the most advanced production methods.

    In their constant concern to provide maximum quality services and products to satisfy all their customers, Fanox has developed a Quality Management System based on standard ISO-9001:2008. FANOX relays comply with applicable international standards, bearing the CE mark and they are approved by the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) of the USA, c-UL for Canada and PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) for EEx e motors operating in explosive environments.

    Brand labelling is one of the areas where Fanox has worked up an astonishing curriculum, personalising products for renowned manufacturers.

    • Leaders in protection
    • Flexibility and adaptability to the customers’ requirements
    • Committed to innovation (own R+D)
    • Complete efficiency and guaranteed technical assistance
    • A human team characterised by their high qualifications



    SIL Line protection relay

    Relays of SIL family are designed to protect primary and secondary switching substations of electric distribution network.

    • Reduced sized  and light weight
    • Two protocols:MODBUS & IEC 60870-5-103
    • With auto-reclosing, trip circuit supervision and cold load pick up
    • High electromagnetic compatibility

    Overcurrent and earth fault relay for primary & secondary distribution

    Feeder protection relay for primary distribution

    • Overcurrent protection: 50P, 50N, 51P, 51N, 46
    • Overvoltage protection: 59P, 59N
    • Undervoltage protection: 27P
    • Directional Power protection: 32/40
    • Recloser: 79
    • Phase/Neutral directional protection: 67P/67N
    • Additional Funtions:52, 50BF, 74TCS, CLP


    Sia ing

    Catalogo productos


    • Function 50P: instantaneous phase overcurrent
    • Function 50N: instantaneous neutral overcurrent
    • Function 51P: phase inverse time overcurrent
    • Function 51N: neutral inverse time overcurrent
    • Function 67N: neutral directional protection
    • Function 49: external trip
    • Break disconnector protection using trigger hold off

     SIA-C and SIA-E are self-powered: maintenance is not required

     SIA-D model with convencional supply and added features



    Cuadro seleccin rel sia ing


    En tabla seleccion sia rev4

    Motor and Generator Protection & Control


    The PBM sytem providespreventative diagnosis, controland monitoring

    Pbm 3 g


    Motor protection relays

    C peque web1


    Generator protection relays

    Gen peque web1


    Es 400-25 ok web


    M peque web1

    Pumps Proteccion & Control without level electrodes


     Pf16r peque web1

    (Without level electrodes)

    Cbm-2 nuevo abierto web

    Earth leakage protection relays

    • Electronic relays with adjustable delay time and sensitivity
    • Suitable for direct pulse current
    • Practically immune to external disturbances

    Earth leakage relays WITH BUILT-IN toroidal transformer CT

    Elr-a peque web1 Elr-t peque web1

    Earth leakage relays WITHOUT BUILT-IN toroidal transformer CT

    Elr-b peq web1 Elr-3c peque web1
     D30 peque web1  Dm30 peq we1

    Toroidal transformers CT

    Ct peque web1 Ctd peque web1

    Protection against transient overvoltage

    SpdProtection of electrical equipments and installations against transient overvoltage in the electrical supply.


    They provide the highest level of safety in:

    • Low voltage supply lines
    • Photovoltaic and wind power installations
    • Industrial equipments
    • Etc.
    Catalogo productos


    • Compact equipments for all distribution systems
    • High discharge capacity via zinc oxide varistors and gas dischargers
    • With thermal separation device
    • Visual indication of a fault in the equipment
    • Remote signalling of the protection status
    • Plug-in protection modules which facilitate the maintenance

    Ideal for:

    Surge arresters SPD

    Catalogo productos


    • Compact equipments for all distribution systems
    • High discharge capacity via zinc oxide varistors and gas dischargers
    • With thermal separation device
    • Visual indication of a fault in the equipment
    • Remote signalling of the protection status
    • Plug-in protection modules which facilitate the maintenance

    Ideal for:


    ANS Vietnam (Anh Nghi Son Service Trading Co., Ltd.)
    Add: 135 Đường số 2, Khu Đô Thị Vạn Phúc, P. Hiệp Bình Phước, Q. Thủ Đức, TP. HCM, Việt Nam
    Tel: 028 3517 0401 - 028 3517 0402 - Fax: 028 3517 0403 - HotLine: 0911 47 22 55